Who is Seismic Source International?

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  • IAS Accredited (ISO 17020)

ISO 9001 QMS Certification

Public Information is provided on this page to give any manufacturer the basics to how we work to certify QMS programs.

Granting a certification simply follows the basic ISO requirements and is shown below in the Certification Process through the certification decision. The Certification Decision Committee (CDC) operates with an executive staff member, compliance officer to maintain impartiality, and records personnel to make sure any documents are available for a decision. The CDC addresses all the following:

Transfer an ISO 9001 Certification is simple. Seismic Source International will give a new certification based on the current certification and use the current audit cycle to maintain the Certification Process and three-year cycle as defined in the ISO standards.

Policy on Impartiality

Use of the SSI Mark is for certifying equipment and can not be used in any form by the manufacture with the ISO 9001 Certification.

Certification Process